Targeted Communication Leadership Coaching is the accelerator of your language fluency. It forms an integral part of the sessions. An effective and innovative approach to learning German that combines linguistic richness, eloquence and communication skills.


  • Perfect your spoken and written German in your professional specialization, e.g. law, finance or any other field.
  • Boost your conversational fluency in the professional or private sphere through language coaching sessions, "small talk".
  • Strengthen your impact when negotiating with German in the context of commercial offers and discussions, "pitch training".
  • Practice targeted communication to motivate your teams, build customer loyalty, and break down your vision.


In order to reach the set objective, the German coaching sessions are punctuated by the different learning components "time on task" and are based on the linguistic automatisms "chunks". Grammatical detours are made clear, aligned with the defined axes of progression. The intuitive method and cross-references help to solidify and perpetuate the acquired knowledge.


  • My offer is aimed at managers and business leaders who wish to follow individual language coaching programs.

  • It is also aimed at managers who wish to offer my programs to their employees or groups of employees. For example, executives on missions in German-speaking Switzerland, Germany or Austria.

For more information about the conditions and possibilities of my German coaching programs, workshops and online training courses, please contact me on the networks, by phone or directly via the link below:


German language coaching for individuals or groups, immersion and intensive learning.


Individual or group language coaching, formulas and themed workshops.