Equity Partner, Director and expert in business consulting for over 25 years, I know the requirements and challenges of its leaders and the strategic dimension of language proficiency. Having managed transnational teams and projects in several languages, I know the impact of a targeted, direct and straightforward language to successfully complete a professional project, a negotiation and the management of human capital.


Leaders who use language clearly and responsibly and practice direct communication, share their positive attitude towards life, highlight their self-confidence and know how to communicate their vision to their employees.

Accurate German in your areas of expertise provides the basis for your professional success; likewise, communication with your teammates that unambiguously translates your thoughts and intentions lays the foundation for a stimulating and trusting professional environment. My method then integrates the principles of targeted communication which allows you to progress rapidly and reach your objectives.

"Language is the clothes of thought"

Samuel Johnson

business & human resources leaders

 For you, language becomes a vehicle for commitment in customer relations and a source of motivation for your employees during their career.