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Evolving in one or more languages is like pushing the limits of our universe! Here I share my discoveries, insights and language news. I am happy to awaken your curiosity, to provoke your reactions and to start a dialogue!

Global leadership skills multiply with language skills

Global leadership skills multiply with language skills when collaborating in truly diverse and inclusive teams and with global business partners. While learning a language is an investment, read below how strategic language learning will help leaders to reach their objectives quicker.

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Good communicators

Why good communicators keep things simple!

... And how language learners do the same! Communication styles have evolved over the past decade, and Covid19 has accelerated that trend. Efficient, straight to the point communication is a key attribute to lead conversations.

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language flexibility

Increase linguistic flexibility!

5 strategies for transferring words from our passive to our active vocabulary. And thus reinforce our rhetorical potential and persuasive power in the target language. Only when a new word is intuitively available, almost automatically, can we access it and this really increases our linguistic flexibility.

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Perception of our accent

The perception of our accent

My English sounds better than yours! Learners of a second language perceive their own accent as better than that of their peers. The main reason for this is frequent exposure to their own speech. 

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Neurolbiology and language


Researchers and doctors confirm that bilingualism and language learning have an immediate effect on brain size. There is a lively debate as to whether bilingualism contributes to brain reserve, thereby delaying the onset of symptoms associated with neurodegeneration.

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Podcast coaching german swiss

Executive German Course

Your linguistic fluency to match your projects. For more than 25 years, I have been advising the managers of multinational companies in various disciplines, service lines and business sectors. As a passionate leader, responsible for Swiss and European projects and mandates, I put my linguistic expertise at the service of my professional objectives. 

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